Scaffolding that Can Save a Lot of Wood

Significance of New Scaffolding

A new building with a template composite structure can obtain four national patents, and this is a thing that the designer of the Changli farmer entrepreneurs Wei Zhiguang has never thought of. Industry experts commented on the composite structure of the set of template like this: “the successful development of the template system for the construction industry is a revolutionary innovation, it can greatly improve the efficiency in the building industry, and if do general promotion, the annual savings for the state timber can be up to 2000 million cubic meters.”

Aluminum K-Ring System

The Invention of New Building Scaffolding

The 44-year-old Wei Zhiguang once worked as a construction worker and carpenter, and then he starts up a decorative interior design company. He found that when the workers pouring concrete construction, structures assembled wooden structure of the bracket takes great time and effort, and the wood used to build scaffolding tower would became fuelwood after several times use. The project started construction of the country each year tens of thousands, and the resulting waste timber amazing. So, Wei Zhiguang initiation of an idea: If you could invent an installation to facilitate the demolition, the attrition rate and the low modular template support structure, it not only can save hours of work, but also can save wood. The love-pondering Wei Zhiguang began his research in 2002. Access to large amounts of data, he found, are not a new building with template support system at home and abroad. So, Wei Zhiguang acted quickly to form a small team to the edge of the edge manufacturing, he is responsible for drawing paper and others responsible for the production. Test failed after 20 times, and has invested more than 200 million of development fee, in 2004, the new building structure using a combination of templates scaffolding poles finally successfully developed. In 2005, this new building, the template composite structures, and its technology beams, template supporting combination structure and template support mandrel respectively won the olecranon card four national patents.

The Advantages of the New Scaffolding

The new building with template combination structure is made of high-performance cold rolled steel, a smart telescopic structure, the installation and removal and height, and pitch adjustment flexibility and does not need to use a timber, a round nails and wire fixed in greatly when improve efficiency and at the same time, saving a lot of wood and other supplies. After testing, the use of the construction technology, 4 group people and 8 hours to install the template structure of 400 square meters, and the same amount of work, if use the traditional technology requires a minimum of two days.

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