Aluminium Composite Panel Structural Features

Characteristic of the aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels are 0.5mm thick aluminum plate in the outer and inner layers sandwiched between 2-5mm thick aluminum which is coated with thin fluorinated carbon spraying finish on the surface. The characteristic of the composite panels is uniform color, smooth surface, which makes it easy to produce, but the drawback of the composite panels is the middle sandwich of the aluminium composite panel contains toxic ingredients, which will emit poison gas when burning or up to a high temperature, it will pollute the environment if used in internal and external walls. At the same time, aluminum and PVC sandwich is laminated by cementation, the composite strength is not high, the two layers can be separated the aluminum plates and sandwich by a pull force.

Disadvantage of aluminum composite plate

In addition, the interlayer of this composite plate is easy to produce expansion to make the aluminum plate to bulge outward because aluminum plate is thin and heated in the local. From the curtain lightning viewpoint, since the aluminum composite panels are two layers of 0.5mm thick aluminum sheet bonded with polyethylene pressurized, polyethylene is a poor conductor, two layers of aluminum sheet are insulated, although the inner layer will add aluminum sub-frame in the composite aluminum-production, the rivet and the aluminum composite panel are bending four sides and fixed to connect; because the caulking surface is too small, and more importantly the 0.5mm aluminum sheet is too thin, in the case of lightning, large lightning flow will breakdown 0.5mm aluminum sheet through shielding curtain wall panels, strong current is difficult to struck by lightning via the composite plate ground of the building.

Products that Aluminum-plastic industry can provide

Aluminum-plastic industrial group is a marketing industry that integrates production and processing of aluminum profiles, sheet and pipes as a whole. It needs to configure the extrusion plant, painting plant, mold plant and other facilities. In addition to the door and window sealing tape matching, Aluminum-plastic industry can also provide fine Aluminium Panels in the car, to extend the industrial chain, and lead the development of other industries.

Production and installation of aluminum composite panels
View from the production and installation of aluminum composite panels: the aluminum composite plate production first slot in the four sides of the composite panel, cut away a certain width and thick outer layer of aluminum plate leaving the side of the aluminum and plastic layer for only 0.5 mm, quadrilateral bending angle of 90 ° into a rectangular, then produce the same size aluminum materials as the rectangular vice box with adhesive on aluminum composite panel rectangular tank, the underside of the vice box. Bend the four sides of the back of the aluminum composite panel; composite panels with rivet fix the four sides of rectangular middle in the sub-frame, then a few aluminum ribs to a structural adhesive. Currently the majority of installed production units are not produced according to the above practices. Bent a 90 ° angle on top of aluminum composite panels after slotting, fixes four folding aluminum composite panels. Then the board weight and any load suffered any external force will be withstand by the 0.5mm aluminum sheet at four edges.

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