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Suspended ceiling is the top decoration of the housing environment. Simply it refers to the decoration of the ceiling and is an important part of the interior decoration. Suspended ceiling can decorate the room top and also create a colorful artistic image of the interior space. While select suspended ceiling materials and design, it is necessary to follow the principles like saving materials, solid, safe, and beautiful, and practical. Suspended ceiling has functions like heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, etc. It is also the hidden layer for electrical device, ventilation, air conditioning, communication device, fire protection, alarm pipeline and other equipments.

The suspended ceiling decoration materials are the main basis to distinguish different suspended ceilings. There are light steel keel plasterboard ceilings, gypsum board ceilings, mineral wool board ceilings, plywood ceilings, profiled bar aluminum ceiling, square lacquered aluminum buckle ceilings , stained-glass ceilings, aluminum honeycomb perforated sound-absorbing panels ceilings. All the ceilings which are made from aluminum pinch plate, we call it “aluminum pinch plate ceilings”.

Aluminum ceiling is the most popular one.
The ceiling has decorative plates, keel, hanging wire, and other materials. You can change often. It’s a very convenient home using product. According to the decorative plates’ materials, the ceiling can be divided into the gypsum board ceiling, metal board ceiling, glass ceiling, PVC board ceiling, aluminium strip ceiling and so on. Gypsum board is relatively cheapest, PVC board is the second, and metal board is the most durable and expensive. Aluminum ceiling however, is the most popular one for house decoration nowadays. But pure aluminum is relatively soft, so in the market the aluminum ceiling is the aluminum alloy ceiling. There are aluminium magnesium alloy and alumal. The alumal pinch plates have higher hardness. Aluminum manganese alloy has not only hardness but also brightness which brings good texture and strong decorative effect. High quality aluminum manganese alloys pinch plates is called stainless aluminum because of its corrosion resistance. Some low-quality substrates are using garbage aluminum, recycled aluminum or soil miscellaneous materials. That product is easy to deform, oxidized, even harmful. That aluminium pinch plates has lower price but strongger hardness. is a professional manufacturer specializing in aluminum building material. Their main products include standard aluminum ceiling, artistic ceiling, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum panels and metal curtain walls. After steady development of 20 years, Beiliming Metal Building Material Co., Ltd. becomes a large-scale modern enterprise combining design, manufacture, installation and service.

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